Milky Persimmon

Freelance Illustrator, Product Designer


- Painting, line art, vector illustration, and
storyboarding in Clip Studio Paint
- Painting and Editing in Adobe Photoshop
Works include:
○ Icon design
○ Small illustrative prints
○ Sticker and keychain design


○ My name is Eli! I also answer to Cuttles & Franky
○ bi-racial Korean-American
○ I love drawing OCs & whatever fandom fix I'm currently on
○ I work in Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop
○ I love working on concept art, portrait art & small animatics


○ DC (Batman, the BatFam, & the Rogue's Gallery)
○ Star Wars (Clone troopers, KOTOR)
○ Lupin the Third
○ Fallout (New Vegas)
○ Outer Worlds
○ Disco Elysium
○ Our Flag Means Death
○ What We Do in the Shadows

Small Commissions currently open.
Email me at [email protected] or donate to my Ko-fi